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The Future of Business: How AI is Transforming Industries

Feb 28, 2024 | Technology Services

Explore how AI is transforming industries by enhancing efficiency, innovation, and customer experiences across sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, finance, retail, and media, while also presenting ethical challenges...more

Sarath D Babu

Client Partner, Pearson, North America

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    Aug 25, 2023 | Content Services

    Know about Role of Journal Editors in Ensuring Image Integrity

    In scholarly publishing, visual elements such as figures, diagrams, and photographs are crucial evidence, reflecting the depth, precision, and rigor of the research findings they represent. While visual representations are.....more

    Prakash Nagarajan

    General Manager, Marketing

    Aug 14, 2023 | Content Services

    Configurable Cloud-Based Systems: A Paradigm Shift in Rights & Permissions Management

    The knowledge and information industry stands on the bedrock of security, integrity, and authority of data and intellectual property. The publishing sector is a critical part of this industry. All.....more

    Kavitha Kuttikan

    Sr. Manager – Rights and Permissions

    Aug 10, 2023 | Content Services

    Unravelling the Impact of Generative AI in Education

    AI-first approach to content development The world woke up to the incredible power of ‘generative artificial intelligence’ with the launch of ChatGPT. It stirred up quite a storm, garnering one.....more

    Prakash Nagarajan

    General Manager- Marketing

    Aug 3, 2023 | Content Services

    Bite-Sized but Mighty: The Science Behind Microlearning

    Picture this: You are all set to embark on a traditional training session, be it online or offline, that may take up hours. Your enthusiasm slowly starts to fade away.....more

    Prakash Nagarajan

    General Manager- Marketing

    Jul 28, 2023 | Content Services

    Achieving Learning Efficacy Through Assessments in K-12 and Higher Education

    Unraveling the true potential of students along their learning journey is pivotal in achieving success. Assessments, a cornerstone of this process, go beyond mere knowledge evaluation. They wield a profound.....more

    Prakash Nagarajan

    General Manager- Marketing

    Jul 24, 2023 | Content Services

    WCAG 2.2: Latest Proposed Recommendation & Web Accessibility Impact

    Step into a world of endless digital possibilities, where web accessibility forms the bedrock of an all-inclusive online realm. Today’s fast-paced tech landscape demands that we embrace digital platforms and.....more

    Prakash Nagarajan

    General Manager- Marketing

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