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Environmentally conscious and socially responsible.

Integra pledges to become a carbon-neutral company by 2030

Sriram Subramanya
Founder, Managing Director & CEO

The earth is becoming warmer every five years, causing damaging climate changes that bring drought, wildfires, and floods. These events threaten to wipe out the planet’s existence entirely. Our generation has received the earth on loan from future generations. It is our shared responsibility to leave society and the environment in good shape for the next generation.

Individuals, as world citizens, have a responsibility to contribute towards protecting the environment. Integra as a corporate citizen, will do our part by leading Integra in an environmentally responsible way.

Sustainability programs at Integra

Integra's private forestry movement

Home to 10,000 trees of more than 100 different trees, including native and endangered trees. This forest also hosts the saplings planted for Integra’s customers since 2016.

Rainwater harvesting

Implemented rainwater harvesting in Integra’s private forest and are capturing about 500,000 litres of rainwater every year that are recharged straight into the earth

Water conservation

Built 10 ponds in Integra’s organic farm to harvest rain water. All ponds, combined, can capture and store up to 33 million liters of water during the rainy season.

Green cover initiatives

Through his endeavors and as part of Integra’s CSR program, Sriram Subramanya has planted 20,000 trees in and around Pondicherry, Integra’s HQ. By 2030 we are aiming to plant an additional 200,000 trees.

Water recycling

Today, up to 65% of the water used in Integra is recycled water for restroom flushing, landscape, and garden. A sewage treatment plant (STP) was part of the building design and, right from day one in our HQ in Pondicherry, since 2006.

Green gifts

Since 2016, we have been planting saplings for our clients, nurturing them over the years. We send updates every year through a digital certificate that includes photographs of their respective tree growth during the new year.

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