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Enabling Authors Bring Life to Content with AI-Powered Content Authoring Platform

40% faster content production through collaborative author proofing platform, enhanced digital authoring, and editing. 

Accelerate your time-to-market with an efficient content authoring tool.  

    AI-Enhanced Smart Editor: Elevating Content Quality with a Cloud-Based Authoring Tool to Accelerate Publication Cycles

    In a fast-changing business landscape, dealing with scattered content production workflows and non-scalable methodologies can hinder progress. Traditional editing and content authoring platforms struggle to maintain content structure across iterations, leading to operational challenges and loss of efficiency due to manual tasks. iAuthor stands out as a pioneering cloud-based authoring tool, powered by state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. With its exceptional editing and proofing features, iAuthor empowers publishers to achieve rapid editing and publication cycles, seamlessly navigating from manuscript acceptance to delivering ready-to-publish content formats. As a versatile platform, iAuthor not only functions as an online proofing platform but also integrates as an e-Proofing Platform, ensuring thorough and efficient review processes. A collaborative platform at its core, iAuthor integrates effortlessly with external tools and applications, eliminating workflow redundancies and making your publishing journey a seamless and streamlined experience. Embark on the future of academic content creation and proofing with iAuthor, an HTML-based journal platform, where innovation meets efficiency and excellence.

    Key Features Unveiled: Transforming Workflows with a Collaborative Peer Review Platform

    Unlocking the Advantages: Transformative Benefits of iAuthor

    Welcome to the Author Proofing Platform: Your Powerhouse for Academic Content Authoring – Edit Multiple Projects, Anytime, Anywhere.

    40% faster time-to-market

    30% cost savings in copyediting

    High-quality, ready-to-publish deliverables

    Enhanced author experience

    Highly efficient, reducing workflow redundancies

    Multi-user interface accessible to authors, editors and publishers on the fly


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