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Intelligent Automation to Scale Product Testing

  • Boost functionalities by 80%
  • Achieve 30% cost savings
  • Reduce manual intervention

Deliver product quality at the sale, improve time-to-market, and leverage AI-based testing framework with Integra’s quality engineering services. Move past QA and adopt QE for just-in-time quality checks for your products and solutions. 

Make quality a key focus throughout the product lifecycle to identify, detect, and remediate bugs and defects. Create proactive and future-proof products by building quality into processes. Prioritize usability, traceability, and transparency right from the early development phase for defect prevention. By leveraging Integra’s software quality engineering and testing expertise, reduce product costs and increase velocity with fewer defects.

Tackling your Toughest Challenges

  • Unstable quality testing environment
  • Not enough time for last-minute testing
  • Poor testing documentation
  • Inadequate collaboration between development and testing teams
  • Scale testing based on user inputs
  • Decreased product quality under real user conditions
  • Integra delivers end-to-end automated testing solutions by integrating QA processes into the product development pipeline to create robust, secure, and functional products.

What We Do

Elevate end-user experiences with Integra's Quality Engineering Services, encompassing comprehensive Software Quality Engineering & Testing. Our continuous testing processes aim to enhance your quality acumen, bolster brand reputation, and elevate customer satisfaction while effectively mitigating quality risks. Our expertise in automated testing enables you to quickly incorporate last-minute product requirements without affecting other functionalities. Our continuous improvement drives quality enhancement and ensures that your product meets necessary compliance benchmarks. Our experts use cutting-edge testing tools to proactively identify, assess, and mitigate quality risks.


Establish structured testing approaches, identify and fill testing gaps, and improve test governance with our enterprise applications testing services. With an efficient framework in place, we ensure thorough testing, minimize the risk of defects, and improve the overall quality of the software or systems being developed or deployed within an organization.


Achieve testing flexibility and continuity with our QA Consulting solutions. By leveraging offshore testing services and utilizing the cloud, we offer cost, schedule, and quality advantages, enabling efficient and effective testing while optimizing resources and delivering reliable solutions.


Improve agility with collaborative testing design and visual workflows. Our automated testing solutions enable the modernization of legacy tests by creating automation scripts that leverage appropriate test data to generate and integrate test cases, improving efficiency, reliability, and scalability in the testing process.

Our Technology Portfolio

Learning Products

Accelerate growth and drive performance with personalized learning experiences.

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Product Development & Modernization

Improve business agility to create feature-rich products, offering enhanced user experiences.

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Cloud Services

Accelerate your cloud journey with technology-led innovative strategies.

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Why Integra?

50% faster

product launch

80% reduction

in defect leakage

Automate 40%

of legacy tests

30% cost

savings on testing


testing agility

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