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Transform Development Culture with DevSecOps

  • 90% less security incidents
  • 70% reduction in deployment time
  • 20% faster incident response

Enhance efficiency and productivity, ensure quality, security, and stability, and achieve agile scalability with Integra’s DevSecOps consulting services. 

Our DevSecOps experts transform business operations to foster collaboration, drive innovation, mitigate security risks, ensure compliance, and improve customer satisfaction. Our DevSecOps managed services eliminate software development and security bottlenecks by streamlining and automating secure software development, quality assurance, and IT operations. Integrate security best practices and tools into DevOps pipelines and incorporate CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment) practices to enhance product flexibility.

Tackling your Toughest Challenges

  • Team competence and maturity
  • Obsolete software development practices
  • Poor operations management
  • Monitoring overall DevSecOps processes
  • CI/CD performance issues
  • Developing DevSecOps metrics
  • Inconsistent software environments
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • DevSecOps automation services provided by our experts seamlessly automate development and IT operations and integrate security to bridge the gap between development, operations, and security teams.

What We Do

Integra offers DevSecOps services such as IDE-based development testing, interactive application security testing, and automated consolidated security testing to prevent pushing of defects. We implement the DevSecOps cycle – design, build, test, deploy, and monitor to custom-create DevSecOps solutions. Our Policy as Code and Security as Code mechanisms reinforce security in every stage of SDLC. Our end-to-end DevSecOps process implementation across cloud platforms improves the reliability, security, and, scalability of software products. We specialize in custom solutions to protect production environment implementing RBAC, 2FA, and RASP monitoring.


Leverage our DevSecOps consulting services to assess the existing DevSecOps maturity model and visualize the desired maturity to identify DevSecOps metrics and create a roadmap.


Build a robust DevSecOps tool stack, incorporating DevSecOps security testing, to ensure traceability, visibility, and auditability for your organization.


Analyze, design, and implement the DevSecOps process with our DevSecOps automation services, based on assessment and viability roadmap.


Our DevSecOps automation services help you automate the entire DevSecOps lifecycle, encompassing software builds, quality assurance, and app sec workflows (including SAST, DAST, and IAST).

Our Technology Portfolio

Cloud Services

Accelerate your cloud journey with technology-led innovative strategies.

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AI/ML Solutions

Optimize operations, reduce costs, and drive revenue growth with AI solutions.

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Quality Engineering

Elevate customer satisfaction and mitigate quality risks with quality-driven solutions.

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Why Integra?

Automate 40%

of traditional ops

20% improvement

in incident response

60% reduction

in support overhead

33% improvement

in infrastructure

50% faster

product launch

90% reduction

in security incidents

70% increase

in compliance

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