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Using Micro-Learning Effectively in Learning Content Strategy

Darshan Parekh (Host)

Deputy General Manager – Field sales, Integra

Darshan currently work as a Deputy General Manager at Integra. His current role involves consulting trainers and L&D professionals across industries. He has experience in strategy building coupled with insights into market scenarios and customer challenges. Professionally, Darshan is passionate about driving customer value by suggesting outcome driven solutions. His education includes MBA in Marketing & IT and a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce.

Nitesh Iswalkar (Speaker)

Sr. General Manager, Delivery

Nitesh Iswalkar is a Senior General Manager at Integra. He has been working in the field of digital learning for more than 15 years. He completed his engineering in IT and pursued a career in technology within eLearning domain. He is heading the Digital Learning development team for 7 years.

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