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AI-Enabled: Empowering Publishers with New Age Capabilities

Thad McIlroy

Publishing Analyst | Author | Principal, The Future of Publishing

With over 30 years in publishing, Thad is a distinguished author and consultant, known for his extensive work in both digital and traditional publishing. He has authored 18 books and numerous articles. He is a contributing editor to Publishers Weekly, covering digital innovation, artificial intelligence and publishing startups. Thad's expertise makes him a sought-after speaker and expert witness, providing insights on publishing's evolving landscape.

Ken Brooks

President, Treadwell Media Group | EVP (Supply Chain), Amplify Education

As a senior operations and technology executive and advisor, Ken specializes in guiding publishers and education technology companies through market disruptions by realigning their organizations, processes, and technology. During his 25+ years in publishing, Ken has championed transformative change in product development, market strategies, and supply chain operations with a focus on building robust, customer-centric teams.

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