Ensuring seamless end user experience on digital digital products and platforms

Software products and platforms are everywhere: from how business operations are managed to education delivery to how consumers interact with businesses – almost all aspects of businesses and people’s life now rely on digital platforms than ever. A global pandemic has only accelerated the need for digitization when physical movement was confined to just about few square meters of one’s own home, for most of the world’s population. 

In a customer driven market, end user experience is of utmost important, one that could make or break a digital product / platform. Defects or bugs that hampers how a product must respond to a user’s – be it a business user or a consumer – interaction can prove detrimental. 

From product launch to continuous updates that roll out, a digital product / platform’s success depends on how rigorously it is tested and how quickly those are remediated. 

Digital QA and Testing

Bringing together global best practices, processes and technologies, Integra’s team of software testing engineers work to specific scopes helping our client organizations successfully meet launch or release milestones.

Functional Testing
We provide both manual and automated testing services as an optimal approach in accordance with your requirement.
Graphical User Interface (GUI) Testing
Functionality and Regression Testing
We aim to ensure your interface functionalities like screens and controls like menus, buttons, icons, etc. meet the visual dynamics of the users.
Cross-platform and Cross-browser Testing
Our objective is to ensure that the website or platform looks and functions seamlessly across various browsers and platforms for excellent user experience.
Usability Testing
We identify impacted functionalities and risks due to any modifications and enhancements to your product at lower maintenance costs and accelerated system test releases.
Accessibility testing
We provide comprehensive expertise for your web/application testing to ensure the content is accessible to the differently-abled.
Digital Content Review
Our structure review approach ensures high-quality timely output for all your digital content that will compel its audience to the desired action.
Content Validation
Our intuitive layered approach helps to validate your onscreen text and graphics without any security compromise.


qa consulting

We provide end-to-end testing services to access your risks, expertly help you quantify your objectives to address any deviations, develop a roadmap for delivering continuous improvement at a budget.

qa assessment

We provide an unchallenged quality assessment to analyze if your product performs in compliance with standards and industry regulations. We cover functional, performance, security, usability assessment.

managed testing services

We provide a transformational approach with customized testing services to achieve high-quality cost-effectively.

Our processes seamlessly align with your product development process.

Digital transformation solutions for businesses across multiple domains:

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