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Learning Strategy

Beyond Bias: Nurturing a Learning Culture with DEI Sensitivity

Nov 28, 2023 | Corporate eLearning

Leaders today acknowledge the importance of incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in workplace training. Prioritizing DEI in Learning & Development (L&D) programs enhances employee engagement and fosters a learning culture...more

Prakash Nagarajan

General Manager- Marketing

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    Sep 8, 2023 | Learning Strategy

    How to Create a Culture of Continuous Learning in Organizations

    Learning is a continuous process that breathes life into organizations, propelling them toward growth, innovation, and adaptability. Fostering a culture of continuous learning is a strategic imperative. In a world.....more

    Prakash Nagarajan

    General Manager- Marketing

    Jul 21, 2022 | Learning Strategy

    Insider Tips For Setting A Realistic Timeline For Your Custom Employee Development Strategy

    This guide can help you create a more realistic custom employee development strategy timeline and ensure that every member of the team is on track, including outsourcing partners who need.....more

    Prakash Nagarajan

    General Manager- Marketing

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