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Digital Accessibility

Exploring Advanced Quality Engineering Services: A Guide for Professionals

Dec 1, 2023 | Technology Services

Explore advanced quality engineering services, covering methodologies, Agile/DevOps integration, emerging trends, and success stories in a concise, professional guide...more

Junaid Khan

Machine Learning Engineer

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    Oct 20, 2023 | Digital Accessibility

    Accessibility and Aesthetics: A View Through The Color Contrast Lens

    Educational design goes beyond aesthetics, prioritizing clarity and accessibility. Digital education hinges on blending design with pedagogy. Color contrast is essential for readability and user experience...more

    Nitesh Iswalkar

    Sr. General Manager - Dels Corporate

    Oct 13, 2023 | Digital Accessibility

    From Draft to W3C Recommendation: WCAG 2.2 Is Here

    WCAG 2.2 has been released as a W3C Recommendation. New criteria focus on improving accessibility in navigation and interaction. Notably, global policies are aligning...more

    Prakash Nagarajan

    General Manager- Marketing

    Oct 2, 2023 | Digital Accessibility

    Accessible Education Content – Bridging the Gap for Students with Diverse Needs

    “One in five children, adolescents and youth are entirely excluded from education,” reports UNESCO. While there are multiple reasons for this, including poverty, gender, ethnicity, language, religion, location, etc., one.....more

    Prakash Nagarajan

    General Manager- Marketing

    Jul 24, 2023 | Digital Accessibility

    WCAG 2.2: Latest Proposed Recommendation & Web Accessibility Impact

    Step into a world of endless digital possibilities, where web accessibility forms the bedrock of an all-inclusive online realm. Today’s fast-paced tech landscape demands that we embrace digital platforms and.....more

    Prakash Nagarajan

    General Manager- Marketing

    Jan 20, 2022 | Digital Accessibility

    Role of color psychology in accessibility

    Improve accessibility with the use of colors and contrasts Think again if you think accessibility is just about wheelchair ramps and disability claims. Accessibility is about good design for each one of.....more


    Marketing Team

    Dec 21, 2021 | Digital Accessibility

    Digital Accessibility – Business and beyond

    Today, digital transformation is at the heart of how an organization uses technology to deliver value to its customers. While digital transformation has been a key strategic driver in the.....more

    Prakash Nagarajan

    General Manager- Marketing

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