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Transforming Content Creation and Reach with Authoring Tools

Oct, 06 2023 | Publishing Automation
Sureshkumar Parandhaman

AVP – Publishing Solutions

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Easily integrated into your existing digital ecosystem or LMS, content authoring tools are your best partners in delivering engaging and effective learning experiences. By allowing authors and educational publishers to create, curate, manage, and deploy curriculum- or needs-based courses seamlessly. No wonder the content authoring tool market is projected to grow from being worth $1.05 billion in 2022 to a whopping $23.4 billion by 2029.

Tools powered with ML/NLP can generate content in multiple formats and languages while ensuring compliance and accessibility. Interactive elements, such as videos, audio, images, presentations, etc., can be effortlessly embedded in the content to ease understanding and drive learner engagement. Here’s what else you can achieve by choosing a powerful content authoring solution.

User-Friendly Interface and Comprehensive History 

With intuitive interfaces, these tools don’t require extensive training to be used. Plus, with in-built themes, templates, easy drag-and-drop features, and more they simplify and accelerate content creation. With inbuilt design elements and customization capabilities, creating unique, branded content is as easy as pie. 

Also, since the software stores the history of all content created and changes made, it is incredibly convenient to revisit any piece of content to edit it, update it with the latest information, modify it for different audiences, and understand the evolution of the piece. 

Multi-Device Compatibility 

The digital divide among students across different ethnic and racial groups became painfully evident during the shift to online education in 2020, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Data from the US National Center for Education Statistics reveals that 97% of 3- to 18-year-olds have internet access at home. Of these, 93% have computer-based access, while 4% access the home internet via a smartphone. 

This highlights the need to create and distribute content that is responsive to different screen sizes and compatible with multiple operating systems. Content authoring tools can help create responsive content with features for auto-adjustment of the content to the screen dimensions of users. 

Collaboration and Real-Time Editing 

AI-powered content authoring tools ease collaboration between teams, such as subject matter experts, editors, designers, etc., with multi-user access. For teams working from different locations, the best authoring solution enables real-time feedback and updates, editing, and adding annotations and comments. The end result is easy co-authoring between multiple authors, and smooth runs back and forth till the content achieves the desired quality. 

Guided Editing 

Powered by advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, the tool can help refine content quality, giving suggestions for grammar, style, and tone. This not only helps maintain quality standards but also speeds up editing and frees human editors to focus on adding greater value to the content.   

Scalability and Third-Party Integrations 

When you invest in technology, you want it to support business growth for the long term. The best authoring solution will ensure scalability, allowing the quick and efficient production of large quantities of branded content of consistent quality. Support for API-based integrations means that the solution can be effortlessly integrated into third-party tools and platforms. 

Multilingual Support 

AI-powered authoring solutions can handle multiple languages within the same environment, allowing you to cater to global audiences. In addition, NLP allows easy and accurate translation of content into multiple languages to widen your reach. Inbuilt translation tools and features support accurate localization, incorporating cultural nuances into the content to make it more relatable for the target audience.   

Transform Content Creation 

By accelerating content creation and time-to-market, content authoring tools can drive business growth by giving you the first-mover advantage. Such software also supports your ambitions of global growth by not just allowing real-time collaboration across locations, but also supporting multiple languages. The key to leveraging the power of this tool is to choose the most powerful one. Integra’s Content Suite is powered by AI/ML/NLP to give you robust tools to author, edit, and publish high-quality content in the least possible time while streamlining content creation workflows. Talk to the experts to learn how the platform can be customized to your needs.

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