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Achieve unparalleled efficiency throughout the book and journal publishing cycle with ContentPilotTM, a powerful, AI-based publishing workflow management software for journals and academics. Ensure seamless progression across all stages of your publishing journey within our end-to-end publishing ecosystem, elevating language quality, offering contextual content suggestions, and delivering exceptional reading experiences.

ContentPilotTM – The Ultimate Publishing Power Suite

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Transform Publishing with Editorial Workflow Management Software

AI based publishing workflow
  • 98%

    author acceptance rate

  • 40%

    cost savings in copyediting

  • 60%

    reduction in time to publication

  • 40%

    faster time to market

  • 100%

    increase in editorial productivity

  • 30%

    improvement in production TAT

  • 20%

    savings on manual effort

  • 80-85%

    Right First Time (RFT)

ContentPilotTM - Your Solution for Efficient Editorial Workflow Management

Elevate Your Publishing Game with Integra's Open Access Publishing Platform and Content Production Workflow Solution, ContentPilotTM. Experience the power of AI-based publishing workflow management that not only accelerates your journal and academic content production but also keeps you ahead of the competition.


Ensure consistent quality.

iMLA is ContentPilot’s language assessment tool with AI/ML at its heart. The AI-based manuscript assessment tool optimizes book and scholarly publishing with advanced features, such as scalable microservices architecture, AI-powered language screening, automated editing, instant quality analysis & score reports to increase manuscript acceptance rates. Eliminate the need for editorial interventions, enhance productivity and accelerate the publication of high-quality content in a matter of minutes with iMLA.

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language assessment tool- iMLA


Improve editorial quality while reducing TAT.

This cloud-based technical copy-editing software simplifies manuscript structuring using ML/NLP and saving up to 20X manual effort. With easy API-based integration, ContentPilot’s iPubEdit powers the publishing workflow with an intuitive interface for technical editors, ML/NLP based auto-structuring, linking and reordering reference and float and ensuring XML at an early stage to cut down TAT.

technical copy-editing software- iPubEdit


Enhance author experience & improve editorial quality.

Powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), ContentPilot’s iAuthor is a market-leading academic content authoring and online proofing software. It powers book and journal publishers with an intuitive peer review system and exceptional editing and proofing features to seamlessly transition from manuscript acceptance to delivering publication-ready content formats.

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Maximize editorial efficiency to accelerate time to market.

Harness the power of NLP for linguistic quality assurance with ContentPilot’s AI-based language assessment and editing engine. It evaluates language quality and offers contextual suggestions for quick and effortless language correction. Achieve significant reductions in response time, transforming months-long processes into a matter of minutes with a highly scalable and customizable tool that addresses your unique business needs.

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AI-based language assessment and editing engine- iNLP


Automate layout & typesetting to improve efficiency.

ContentPilot’s professional typesetting services are built using the most powerful typesetting software, including InDesign, 3B2, and LaTeX to create completely error-free, ready-to-publish PDFs. This efficient solution integrates with leading pagination software and comes equipped with built-in QC and preflighting tools to speed up book and journal publishing.

professional typesetting services- iAutoPage


Optimize every stage of content production workflow.

Leverage end-to-end workflow tracking, ensure operational agility for dynamic editorial and production processes with ContentPilot’s cloud-based workflow management solution. It uses a BPMN workflow engine for seamless interaction between modules and provides pre-built process and task libraries for simplified management.

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cloud-based workflow management solution- iWMS

Milestone Moments

ContentPilotTM is a powerful AI-based journal publishing platform that has achieved resounding success, captivating users worldwide with its comprehensive features and exceptional user experience.


Pages processed


Global users


Journals processed


Screenings daily

Committed to Excellence

Our relentless quest for excellence has been repeatedly rewarded by the industry. The AI-driven content production and NLP-powered workflow platform has received distinguished awards and certifications that attest to our adherence to the highest standards. We have also received sector-specific accolades that recognize our commitment to quality, innovation, inclusivity, and customer satisfaction.

Hall of Fame

A testament to Integra’s ongoing commitment to being a women-friendly organization for working women in India


Integra’s AI-powered product wins the Leadership in Innovation

Certified Partner

Testament to Integra’s commitment to helping our customers create accessible content for all learners

WBE Certified

Integra is now a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) organization by WEConnect International

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