Case study

Rapid Content Innovation for Best-in-Class K-12 Resources

A leading educational resource provider in the US, specialized in providing customized, flexible learning solutions for thousands of K-12 schools required support for their curriculum and course development, designed for the American K-12 market. All these courses were to be delivered in a blended model, assisting both online and in-person instruction.


Opportunity to fully integrate and partner in the production of hybrid courses

The global pandemic changed traditional formats of learning, and introduced new challenges to established pedagogy models. Schools are now required to pivot rapidly between online and in-person curricula, which has increased the demand for flexible technology solutions that support positive outcomes for learners.
Our client organization innovates at the nexus of education and technology, creating teaching and learning resources for hybrid online and in-person instruction. The scope of this project was large, spanning multiple full-semester courses in varying disciplines, including STM, Humanities, Advanced Placement (AP) courses and other core K-12 curricula. Defined quality standards were rigorous, as were the expectations for cost & schedule efficiency.


Streamlining a large project management process, and ensuring content consistency & quality with continuous monitoring


Integra was required to work as a fully integrated part of the publisher’s larger workflow, with the flexibility to work within existing systems. It was important to achieve consistent, impeccable quality in all components and materials.

Requirements included:

● Streamlined, integrated workflow
● Publisher-vetted authors/ contributors
● State-of-the-art pedagogy
● Agile lesson development, two-week sprints

Deliverables included:

● Narrative assessment
● Video-enhanced learning
● Educator guides
● Best-in-class illustrations


Integra’s content development and production teams took a targeted approach to resourcing this project, ensuring that the necessary skills, expertise and qualifications were appropriate to the curricula and courses. This involved dual-shore assignments to maximize the budget.

Commodity activities including copyediting, proof-reading and art creation were completed by resources in India, at offshore-scale pricing. For the editorial work, we utilized US-based expertise, including freelance resources. Integra’s robust project management process included continuous monitoring to ensure end-to-end consistency and quality.

Integra is now an integrated part of the customer’s larger workflow, adding value by working within the existing systems as a trusted partner in the publishing program. Our graphics team, Alt-Text team, and other teams are utilized on a need basis, to provide a seamless service through a strong project management process. Our authors are frequently requested on other/future courses, and have become part of the publishers preferred authors list.


The timely launch of a reimagined and highly interactive future-ready learning product fetched positive feedback and improved adoption across end-users.

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