Integra Software Services Steps up COVID relief measure for its employees, their families

June 21, 2021

As part of initiative, Pondicherry, India-based firm to provide insurance cover, periodic testing, COVID care and relief support and Post-COVID care programmes for all employees and their families

PUDUCHERRY, India, June 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Integra Software Services stands with its employees, their spouses and families in the face of the pandemic. The India-based organization is committed to implementing a comprehensive action plan through its COVID task force that supports employees and their dependants in these difficult times.

As soon as the early signs of the pandemic spread were noted, Integra proactively rolled out several employee welfare measures. For the bulk of Integra’s workforce, 2000+ employees and their dependents, based in India, Integra has implemented the following welfare measures.

  • Insurance Cover
    • Over and above the Medical Insurance cover, Integra provides an amount of about INR 50,000 to all its employees based in India in case they require COVID treatment.
    • Integra is one of the few organizations to provide Life Insurance cover, commenced 4 years ago for all its employees, taken as an employee welfare measure, without any statutory mandate, to support the family in the unfortunate event of an employee’s death.)
  • Safety
    • The cost of COVID vaccination for employees in India borne by Integra.
    • Vaccination awareness campaigns and communication on a daily basis encouraging all employees to get vaccinated.
    • Periodic COVID testing for all employees who work from the office in business-critical work functions.
    • Strict adherence to workplace safety policies as per government guidelines.
  • COVID Care and Relief Support for employees, their spouses and families
    • Teleconsultations with doctors, through phone/video call
    • For the infected, curated COVID medical kit with essential medicines, immunity boosters, health supplements, masks, sanitizer, and disinfectant
    • Dedicated 24×7 ambulance stationed at the office premises to provide COVID-related emergency assistance to employees and families
    • 24×7 COVID call centre set up to provide critical information on the availability of hospital support, essential medicines, self-isolation facility, or consultation to employees; it is run by Integrites for Integrites
    • COVID Isolation Centre with paramedical staff and a visiting doctor, basic medication, food, and oxygen beds
    • Qualified external counsellors in addition to internal counsellors to help employees cope with pandemic-induced anxiety and fatigue
    • Virtual yoga and meditation sessions for employees to help alleviate stress and anxiety
    • Post-COVID care programmes to accelerate the recovery process of employees through rebuilding respiratory function, energy enhancement, anxiety assessment and relief, immunization, and nutrition and nourishment.

The organization is constantly communicating to its employees on various relief measures available to them. Many employees have benefitted from the critical support.

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