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For any credible and successful research, peer review is an important cornerstone.

All-inclusive and unbiased evaluation for maximizing content acceptance

We see today the absolute importance of science-based and data-driven discourse. Also, the growth In research spending and the resultant increase in research papers submitted for publishing has made the peer-review process more critical.

Editorial office and peer review services

Integra offers collaborative, technology-driven, and smart peer-review services with the ability to adopt different working models that would benefit a journal. With a skilled workforce, hands-on expertise with state-of-the-art peer review systems, evolving ideologies, and involved leadership, Integra can take on new peer review working models and provide tailored solutions. 

Our well-trained and capable peer-review team has a proven track record of accelerating pipeline management, by providing bespoke hybrid models of support, depending on the requirement, including subject matter expertise. We offer various types of peer review/business models and the support services that you may need.


End-to-end Peer review services




peer review

Streamlining Peer Review Flow at the Editor’s Desk 

A leading STM Journal Publisher wanted to reduce bottlenecks in the submission queue.

In addition to Peer Review,  we also offer a wide range of content solutions 

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