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Case Study

Global Education Giant Implements Accessibility Compliance

Integra re-built 200,000+ accessibility integrated slides to transform our client’s student materials and lecture presentations. Alt Text, color adjustments, tab order, lists, tables, and Math type equations were added as accessibility features. As a final step, accessibility assessment was performed complying to WCAG 2.1 AA and PPT accessibility standards.

Read the case study to gain insights on how results were achieved:

  • Accessibility Success: Integra delivered 250,000 accessible slides since 2019, remediating 300,000 slides since 2021
  • Inclusive Learning: Customer integrated accessibility into learning, making digital lecture notes compliant for equitable access
  • Expert Framework: Established a dedicated framework, leveraging expertise to support customer's accessibility needs
  • Global Accessibility: Strategic efforts led to compliance with global standards for accessible learning products