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Role of AI in the Publishing Industry

Dec, 17 2019 | Publishing Automation

Marketing Team

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Artificial Intelligence has gained immense popularity in the recent decade. Machines are now able to mimic  human intelligence processes with remarkable accuracy. AI has been widely used in many industries like recruitment, healthcare, education, and insurance to make day-to-day activities more efficient. In the last couple of years, there have been numerous ways in which the publishing industry too has been trying to integrate AI into their end-to-end process.

Here are some of the ways that AI can assist in streamlining the publishing industry:

Research:  Publishing, especially in academia, involves tremendous amounts of research. An effective research paper needs to have accurate information, its content should be verifiable by a credible source and it should hold the attention of the reader. Therefore, massive amounts of data mining and research are required to churn out a constructive piece of content. AI helps with this process by going through huge amounts of data in a matter of seconds and providing valuable results.

Finding your target audience: Crafting your content to appeal to your target audience will take your published work to the next level. AI-enabled tools can now predict the behavior of your intended audience. Being aware of this kind of data can help you publish your content keeping the correct niche of people in mind. Intelligent advertising also helps you analyze what kind of content a particular set of people will consume.

Automating routine tasks: This is another key area of publishing in which AI can give valuable inputs. AI machines can detect false or plagiarized content, recognize statistical errors, identify repetitive-sounding texts, fact-check key areas of published work and a lot more. This helps automate tasks that would traditionally require a lot of manpower and lets authors publish larger amounts of data.

Translating published texts: Having your published text translated into different languages can ensure that your work reaches a wider of audience. Content creators are constantly looking at innovative ways to ensure that people from all around the world consume their content. This is where AI-enabled translating tools become essential. There are a variety of AI translating tools available in the market that can aid in translating your published text. Some popular AI tools use neural machine translation to reduce language barriers and translate content.

Chatbots: A chat interface, powered by AI, is an excellent tool that can be used in the publishing industry. Chatbots mimic human conversations and predict outputs based on the customers’ responses. They can be useful in sending across published content to a better target audience. Chatbots can provide the customers with an engaging experience by allowing them to curate published content based on their preferences and report issues.

Editing Text: Proofreading and formatting are both integral parts of the publishing industry and aid in making the content readable to the consumer. There are numerous AI formatting tools available that make it infinitely easier for the publishing industry to make their content easier to consume. These tools review and fix errors in typography, grammar, and contextual errors. Some tools even have the option to add a specific style guide according to which your content would be edited.

Analyzing Content: How would you know if the content you published has actually had an impact on anyone? Content analysis tools, powered by AI, delve deep into user statistics to come up with publishing ideas that have a higher chance of working. These tools offer insights on the relevance of a particular topic and the kind of traction it receives with customers. This would make it easier for publishing agencies to pick subjects that would increase engagement and their audience base.

Integra’s iAuthor is a collaborative content authoring and editing tool that uses natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to achieve insights on guided editing. This tool is a cloud-based platform that allows multiple authors to work on the same project simultaneously. It ensures that there is a significant decrease in the overall cost while producing output within record turnaround times. iAuthor also supports multilingual content processing for authors from multiple countries to work on this tool with ease.

In today’s times, AI is successfully changing the face of the publishing industry for the better. It can help existing writers generate more compelling content and hence increase the overall quality of published material.

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