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Integra awarded Most Innovative Digital Content Solutions Firm 2018 at Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards

Aug, 08 2019 | Integra News

Integra marketing team

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Setting the stage for success

Integra is happy, proud, and abuzz with enthusiasm on receiving the most Innovative Digital Content Solutions Firm 2018 by the Acquisition International Global Excellence Awards. Rightfully conferred with the accolade  CEO Sriram Subramanya speaks about the promising journey Integra has undertaken and the innovation-driven foresight it has gained over the years. Here are some of the highlights from his interview with the magazine.


Creating new benchmarks with content and technology solutions

Having been in the digital publishing space for a while now, Integra has been at the forefront of innovation by helping publishers adopt complete digital transformation with a well-equipped approach, driven by research and novel ideas. In the same vein, Integra works closely with XR technologies to tap the immense potential and transform learning experiences across different learning stages – from school to higher education to continuing education. Adoption of strategies like game-based learning and simulations using XR technologies will be game-changers in how learning content is delivered and experienced. These technologies are already finding many useful and impactful applications in industries such as; healthcare, manufacturing, etc.

Building and fostering a process-driven culture at Integra

As a future roadmap for Integra, Sriram Subramanya is committed to building a robust process and innovation-driven culture, by adopting the latest technologies to spearhead and deliver sustainable digital transformation initiatives all within the realm of digital content solutions.

Driving a women-inclusive workforce towards progress

Mr. Sriram Subramanya believes that an inclusive workplace drives diversity. When an organization believes in the value of inclusion – with women as a powerful driving force – that in itself adds a sense of dignity and purpose to the organization, and is a great starting point to steady progress.

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