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Corporate eLearning

The Future of Business: How AI is Transforming Industries

Feb 28, 2024 | Technology Services

Explore how AI is transforming industries by enhancing efficiency, innovation, and customer experiences across sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, finance, retail, and media, while also presenting ethical challenges...more

Sarath D Babu

Client Partner, Pearson, North America

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    Jul 28, 2023 | Corporate eLearning

    Maximizing Corporate Training Outcomes Through Simulations

    In today’s dynamic business landscape, the significance of effective corporate training cannot be overstated. The traditional methods of training often fall short of engaging the employees and translating theoretical knowledge.....more

    Prakash Nagarajan

    General Manager- Marketing

    Dec 20, 2022 | Corporate eLearning

    2023 Learning & Development trends you need to know

    Introduction Linear career ladders of ‘learn, work and retire’ are part of a bygone era. Nations and businesses are currently facing geo-political, technological, social, economic and environmental changes all at.....more

    Prakash Nagarajan

    General Manager- Marketing

    Dec 6, 2022 | Corporate eLearning

    7 Questions To Determine If Custom L&D Is The Right Choice For Your Future-Ready Workforce

    Is bespoke outsourcing going to improve your online training ROI? Or can you use pre-built solutions to cut costs, even if customization options are limited?   Is Custom L&D The.....more

    Prakash Nagarajan

    General Manager- Marketing

    Nov 10, 2022 | Corporate eLearning

    Redefining Pedagogy through Advanced eLearning Techniques

    Initially, eLearning, which uses technology to deliver training and education, was considered a nice-to-have within traditional systems that focused on the book-based, classroom-oriented approach.   Now, technology has evolved to.....more

    Prakash Nagarajan

    General Manager- Marketing

    Jul 21, 2022 | Corporate eLearning

    Insider Tips For Setting A Realistic Timeline For Your Custom Employee Development Strategy

    This guide can help you create a more realistic custom employee development strategy timeline and ensure that every member of the team is on track, including outsourcing partners who need.....more

    Prakash Nagarajan

    General Manager- Marketing

    May 5, 2022 | Corporate eLearning

    The Main Hazards Of Custom eLearning Development And How To Avoid Them

    Custom eLearning development shouldn’t contribute to the already mounting stress levels of your team. Use this guide to avoid the obstacles and make the most of online training outsourcing.  .....more

    Prakash Nagarajan

    General Manager- Marketing

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