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New Diversity on the Corporate Learning Market

Aug, 16 2018 | Corporate eLearning
Prakash Nagarajan

General Manager- Marketing

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In the world of business, the ability to create measurable results that can be used to track the effectiveness of multitudinous campaigns and endeavours is paramount. This is especially true when it comes to corporate learning. A new model for expediting, monitoring and measuring corporate education is the learning model of online learning and training. Learning transformation has received and exorbitant amount of attention from corporate executives on a global scale. As the global economy continues to promote a market that is highly competitive, the need to expand and expedite the corporate learning process is increasing at a rapid level.


Development and learning is the central focus of the dramatic transformation in corporate business that is producing extraordinary results at IT companies, management consulting companies and other professional service entities.

The Power of Corporate Continued Education

What research has revealed is that some of the greatest returns on investment are achieved through investing in continuing education for employees. Professional learning makes a significant contribution to a number of dynamics within the corporate structure of a corporation, including strategy implementation, cultural transformation, value creation and more. While the value of learning transformation has been proven as a valuable asset to corporations, a greater demand has been placed on those who are responsible for learning transformation to justify their existence in the company.


While the pressure has been turned up for corporate education professionals, the need to engage the serious challenges that arise on a consistent basis has also intensified. Having a superior strategy within a specific market is paramount to achieving the desired goals established by company leadership; however, without the capacity to effectively engage the learning requirements necessary to implement new strategies, companies can find themselves struggling to initiate change and growth. Online learning models have provided the capacity and exposure to tools and resources that serve to simplify the learning process.

The Effectiveness of Digital Learning Transformation

While the vast majority of lay individuals within any given company will not be familiar with the internal dynamics and elements associated with digital learning transformation, there is a remarkable amount of empirical and pragmatic evidence that shows that people can achieve an exceptional level of accomplishment in the area of learning and transformation through the use of technology as a teaching tool. Technology allows the designers of learning programs to better organize the material in a manner that it can be easily consumed and inculcated into the minds of those who engage it.


Digital learning transformation is the next phase of educational transformation on a number of levels, including the corporate level.

Speed and Efficiency

The current rate at which things evolve and change in the business world has placed an exceptional amount of pressure on businesses and corporations to effectively train and prepare their workforce to engage the challenges associated with these changes. It is not only important to be aware of the changes, but there is a need to be thoroughly equipped and prepared to adequately manage the contingencies associated with these inevitable changes.


So, the race to remain ahead of the competition in creativity and lateral thought comes with the responsibility to train employees to fully and effectively implement the new ideas and strategies. Online learning management systems are a key element in the process of continued education, and the companies that are able to maximize learning transformation, in the most effective and efficient manner will have the best opportunity to produce measurable results that can be duplicated moving forward.

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