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Case Study

Project Managing a High-Profile Title Refresh – Inception to Product Release

For one of the world’s leading higher-education learning resources providers, a prestigious title used as a core instructional material by millions of students needed a complete overhaul and digital-first approach across the entire content. Through a lean budget and resourcing model. Integra’s project managers supported timely launch of a reimagined and highly interactive future-ready learning product.

Read the case study to gain insights on how results were achieved:

  • Expert Digital Solution: Provided reorg support, delivering digital expertise and content management for higher education
  • Adapting to Change: Enhanced content, assets for modern learning amid education's online shift
  • Collaborative Approach: Market insights, scalability, expert management ensured seamless client partnership
  • Efficiency and Reuse: Lean budget, expert collaboration optimized content strategy, reducing rework
  • Achieved Success: On-time, budget-friendly delivery of interactive learning boosted adoption and market share