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How to Integrate AI into Your EdTech Platform in 5 Easy Steps

The transformative nature of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the world of education is undeniable. EdTech and AI Integration have emerged as a dynamic duo, setting new milestones in educational experiences. The unparalleled benefits of this combination are reshaping...

9 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up Workflow Automation

In today's digital era, workflow automation solutions are revolutionizing the way businesses operate, turning repetitive tasks into efficient processes. At its core, workflow automation solutions comprise advanced tools and software engineered to streamline business...

Rapid Content Innovation for Best-in-Class K-12 Resources

Case studyRapid Content Innovation for Best-in-Class K-12 ResourcesA leading educational resource provider in the US, specialized in providing customized, flexible learning solutions for thousands of K-12 schools required support for their curriculum and course...

Using Micro-Learning Effectively in Learning Content Strategy

  Darshan Parekh (Host) Deputy General Manager – Field sales, Integra Darshan currently work as a Deputy General Manager at Integra. His current role involves consulting trainers and L&D professionals across industries. He has experience in strategy building...