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Discover the Power of Generative AI LMS to Boost Employee Productivity and Engagement

SkillPilot is a state-of-the-art AI-powered LMS for corporate learning that automates your training programs intelligently, leading to lower costs and more ROI. With its AI-driven, flexible, and customizable features, SkillPilot guarantees a seamless learning journey, fostering employee retention and productivity. This AI-based enterprise learning management system can be customised to the unique learning needs of each employee.

Bridge the Gap in Continuous
Learning with AI-Powered

Continuous learning is the key to bring innovation and strive in ever changing business landscape. This needs to supported with right learning systems that embed the existing systems. With SkillPilot, organizations can effectively address earning challenges for employees and unlock the full potential of their workforce.

  • 1 Personalized Learning
  • 2 Employee Engagement and Retention
  • 3 Addressing Skills Gap and Upskilling
  • 4 Compliance and Regulations
  • 5 Scalability and Standardization
  • 6 Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration
  • 7 Integration with Existing Systems

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Feature Spotlight

With SkillPilot, it is very easy to track completion of courses, activity, assessment, feedback, survey. The LMS utilizes AI algorithms to personalize course recommendations based on user preferences, learning history, and performance, enhancing the learning experience and promoting relevant content discovery.

Generates visually engaging reports with charts, graphs, and visualizations, presenting feedback evaluations, surveys and feedback recording of courses, automated feedback reminders, and choice (polling) data in intuitive and insightful dashboards.

Facilitates interactive learning through live chats, forums, peer-based assessment, group conversations, and organization of learners and teachers into course groups and groupings. Effortlessly carry out surveys regarding the course and training materials.

Offers a visually appealing and intuitive interface, featuring interactive elements like gamification, user-friendly navigation, language customization, and immersive design to ensure seamless user experience and learning outcomes.

The cloud-based collaborative platform allows for real-time course authoring, editing, and proofing, enabling seamless access and collaboration anytime, anywhere.

SkillPilot features anonymous graders, ensuring fair and unbiased grading while reducing learner anxiety. It also offers badge issuance for recognizing achievement and motivating learners, along with a quiz tool for knowledge assessment, feedback, and engagement.

Why SkillPilot should be
your Go-to-LMS


Training budget; trim training costs by 30%


Employee happiness; secure 20% added job satisfaction


Loyalty; achieve 20% higher employee retention


Results; witness 25% productivity elevation

Learning management system for small business

Award-Winning Excellence

Our relentless quest for excellence is evident through distinguished awards and certifications that attest to our adherence to high standards.

Integra enters Hall of Fame in 100 Best Companies for Women in India

Hall of Fame

A testament to Integra’s ongoing commitment to being a women-friendly organization for working women in India

Certified Partner

Testament to Integra’s commitment to helping our customers create accessible content for all learners

Integra’s AI-powered product wins the Leadership in Innovation – Tech Products and Platforms Award


Integra’s AI-powered product wins the Leadership in Innovation – Tech Products and Platforms Award

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