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Mixed Reality Showcase

Newborn nursing course simulation for early-stage trainee nurses


Build an immersive first-person experiential learning module to teach obstetrical nursing trainees various aspects of the domain from prenatal care to management of grief and loss issues.


  • Training content development
  • Storyboard development
  • 3D environments and assets
  • Simulations and interactivities
  • Programming

Nurturing Newborns

A pandemic situation like the one that we faced is a wake-up call to the entire world. Social distancing and wearing a mask became part of everyday life when no vaccines were available.

Immersive technologies like augmented reality and mixed reality catapulted to prominence due to their advantage of being in the real world at a safe distance, performing a physical task while interacting digitally.

This proof of concept is a working showcase we developed to demonstrate these technologies’ capabilities in the healthcare domain where social distancing will not impact care delivery to patients. And caring for a newborn is no exception.


Proof of Concept

Domain / Business Function

Healthcare: Obstetrical Nursing


Newborn Nursing


Microsoft Hololens


Content Development and MR Application Development

Result: Short video snippet

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