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Full digital content development for

a leading learning services provider

Education technology and digital native learning products have found accelerated and widespread adoption, forced upon the entire education value chain, within a short duration. Until the pandemic, though, most of the digital educational products that were in use as core or as supplemental resources were developed constrained by the features of the technology in use and adopted content authoring approaches that was suited for a print artefact.


Reimaging and redeveloping a learning products suitable for digital learning

A leading education technology and digital learning resources provider, had to quickly respond to a sudden change in the market and had to rush through refreshing multiple full semester courses across a range of disciplines.

content that delivers outcomes

Content development sprints that clinched the deal 


The world around was disrupted, and learning services and content providers were faced with a daunting task of balancing accelerated product delivery and managing top-notch quality of resources. 

Integra’s customer was working under constraints and needed deliver content solution that can work both through digital delivery and can be used as a standalone offline learning curriculum, across multiple disciplines including sciences, humanities, advanced placement (AP) and other core K-12 curricula. All to be done under a very tight schedule.


Integra’s team of experienced editorial managers put together a streamlined workflow for this complex multi-part multi-course development need clearly laying out desired outcomes and quality risk-mitigation pathways in place. 

Actively working with a set of trusted SMEs across disciplines, Integra’s content development teams surged ahead by deploying lesson sprints, gamifying the entire content development process end-to-end across all components. 

Integra delivered ultramodern learning resources that included narrative, assessment, video-enhanced learning, educator guides and high-quality artwork, in-time making all the courses available before the start of the semester. 

Integra executed these projects with minimal required client intervention, winning accolades from the business division. We have now become one of their trusted partners and are integral to their content development workflows across product lines. 

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