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Not many of us can travel and experience first hand a different country or even a national treasure. Develop an immersive experience for school-aged children, enabling them to see in the first person a place that may be at the other end of the world for them.


  • Training content development
  • Storyboard development
  • 360° video shoot and post-production
  • Simulations and interactivities
  • Programming

To The Other End of The World Through A Smart Device

Google’s Year in Search 2020 reported that ‘Virtual field trips,’ ‘Virtual museum tours,’ and ‘Virtual tours’ were among the top searches in 2020. As the way we live is undergoing tectonic shifts, enabling technologies like 360° videos and Virtual Reality is helping people transcend boundaries and become global citizens.

In an interview with The Information, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, predicts that by 2030 people will be able to ‘teleport’ themselves to anywhere in the world through connected and smart devices.


Education services organization

Domain / Business Function



Virtual tour


Google Cardboard, Oculus Go


Content Development and VR Application Development

Result: Short video snippet

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