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Next-gen Modernization & Product Development Solutions

  • 100% boost in throughput
  • 50% faster speed to market
  • 100% product quality

Drive business value with intelligent, customized products and platforms through Integra’s custom platform development services and product modernization solutions. We ideate with you and identify the right technology to create future-ready products that seamlessly integrate into your enterprise ecosystem. 

We leverage the latest technologies to create end-to-end solutions that enhance user experience and boost productivity. Integra can transform your product development lifecycle with modern agile practices to future-proof your product portfolio.

Tackling your Toughest Challenges

  • Migrating from legacy systems
  • Compatibility with the latest technology systems
  • Combining legacy data with modern business logic
  • Agile product development models
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Technology dependencies, scalability, and availability
  • Visually appealing UX design
  • Meeting the latest compliance and security standards
  • Integra product development & modernization experts improve product architecture to assure scalability, performance, and security with our digital product engineering solutions.

What We Do

Our software product engineering services leverage the latest cloud technologies to evaluate product workloads and align those with organizational goals. We improve business agility to create feature-rich products and prevent vendor lock-in. We implement database migration and source code modification to modernize the platform architecture. With our digital product engineering services, we adopt a consultative approach, evaluating market viability to guarantee the profitability of your business products. Furthermore, our expertise extends to legacy application migration services, ensuring a seamless transition to updated systems while preserving data integrity.


Our product development solutions and maintenance services empower businesses by incorporating disruptive technologies, leveraging data insights, and customizing enterprise platforms to meet specific needs. With our custom platform development services and continuous support, we enhance operational efficiency, ensuring sustained long-term success.


Our product modernization services encompass the integration of new functionalities, consolidation of legacy products, and implementation of remediation strategies. We specialize in migrating enterprise platform architecture to the latest scalable and agile infrastructure framework, ensuring adaptability and future-proofing for businesses.

Our Technology Portfolio

Quality Engineering

Elevate customer satisfaction and mitigate quality risks with quality-driven solutions.

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Accelerate time to market while reducing remedial risks with DevSecOps services.

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AI/ML Solutions

Optimize operations, reduce costs, and drive revenue growth with AI solutions.

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product quality


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