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Taylor & Francis Group Selects Integra Software Services as Their Core Full-service Production Partner for Global Journal Content Programme

11 Apr 2018

Integra wins a major share of full-service content production for Taylor & Francis’ global journal production program. T&F has selected Integra as their core content service provider to support T&F’s vision of becoming the preferred destination for publishing scholarly journals.

As a leading scholarly journal publisher, T&F brings knowledge to life through partnerships with researchers, scholarly societies and universities worldwide. T&F found a synergistic partner in Integra whose production solutions suit T&F’s vision to accelerate publishing cycles for scholarly journals. Delivering high quality, high impact journals, at pace with global digitalisation, strategically strengthens its publishing programmes.

“Integra’s consistent track record over the years in improving production transit times combined with their investment in natural language processing and artificial intelligence capabilities were important factors in our decision to select Integra as a core partner,” says Stewart Gardiner, Global Production Director of Journals at T&F. “We were impressed with their in-house R&D team and track record of investing in automation and technology to deliver cost-effective solutions.”

Mr. Stewart Gardiner further remarked, “Integra helped T&F in standardizing workflows across geographies thereby significantly reducing production transit time for our North American list which had helped in improving overall author satisfaction.”

Sriram Subramanya, Founder, Managing Director and CEO of Integra, said: “Our association with T&F Journals Division, as a content production partner, is now close to 18 years. Through the recent win, T&F has entrusted Integra with a major share of content production volume. We are very thankful to T&F for their trust and we are committed to continuing our support to T&F Journals Division in setting new benchmarks in the industry for rapid turnaround of articles from acceptance to publication.”

Mr. Sriram further adds, “We believe our content production suites that leverage NLP, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence capabilities will further strengthen T&F’s journal publishing programs as the preferred publishing destination for the research and scholarly communities.”

Integra is one of the world’s leading content services organizations with proven capabilities across various publishing segments. To know more, please visit: http://www.integranxt.com.

Originally published at- https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/taylor–francis-group-selects-integra-software-services-as-their-core-full-service-production-partner-for-global-journal-content-programme-679389363.html

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