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Transform Learning Paradigms with Modern LXP

  • 80% improved experience
  • 40% cost savings
  • 2x more learning outcomes

Streamline knowledge transfer, ensure skill enhancement, and personalize the learning ecosystem with Integra’s custom LXP development services. 

Improve learning and training plans efficiency with our LXP architecture to empower a broader range of audience. Integra’s custom LXP development solutions enhance existing learning environments by seamlessly integrating AI and data analytics, transforming the traditional approaches to identify and bridge skill gaps effectively.

Tackling your Toughest Challenges

  • Identifying skillgap to design learning modules
  • Facilitating learning during workflow
  • Personalizing learning path for different learner types
  • Accessing the distributed content repository
  • Inadequate metrics to track progress and outcomes
  • Implementing social learning
  • Integra’s digital learning platform development improves learning engagement and accelerates new knowledge adoption, increasing your ROI in learning and training technology.

What We Do

Our new-age personalization AI algorithms interact with learners to fully utilize text-based, graphical, audio, and video learning materials on the go. Our predictive platforms analyze learners' data from multiple sources to identify the exact resources they need to advance in learning. Our experts scale the learning ecosystem in corporate environments to harness user-generated content for community-based social learning. Our VR, AR, and MR and gamified the learning environment increases engagement and value deliverance.


A learner-centric approach, encouraging learning from multiple sources to provide different types of learning. Through our custom LXP development services, we enable learners to engage with content and activities in a way that best suits their needs, ultimately enhancing their learning outcomes.


Modernize the learning ecosystem to offer contextualized learning experiences with our digital learning platform services. By leveraging AI-powered technology, we enable the delivery of adaptive learning experiences with our custom LXP development services that are intuitive, interactive, predictive, and accessible across various devices and platforms, revolutionizing the way learners engage with content and achieve their learning goals.

Our Technology Portfolio

Product Development & Modernization

Improve business agility to create feature-rich products, offering enhanced user experiences.

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Quality Engineering

Elevate customer satisfaction and mitigate quality risks with quality-driven solutions.

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AI/ML Solutions

Optimize operations, reduce costs, and drive revenue growth with AI solutions.

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Why Integra?

2x boost

in learning outcomes

80% better

learning experience

Automate 40%

of learning workflows


learning metrics

30% more value

from existing LMS

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Explore the Latest from Us


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