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Scale on-demand with dynamic workflow management system
Managing publishing workflows can be complex and a daunting task. A workflow management system is crucial for driving the entire production process to ensure content delivery across various platforms. To achieve this, the workflow management system needs to tackle challenges such as on-time deliveries, content integrity, transparency, and facilitate collaboration between vendors, authors, and publishers.
Integra’s iWMS platform empowers publishers to track workflows from content development to publishing, ensuring operational agility required for constantly evolving editorial and production processes. It leverages BPMN workflow engine for efficient implementation of workflows. The platform also offers pre-built process and task libraries to simplify the workflow management process.

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    Key Features

    Key Benefits

    Integra’s workflow management software promotes productivity by facilitating efficient collaboration.

    Efficiently onboard workflows on the fly

    Comprehensive process tracking

    Enhanced file management functionalities

    Scalable to accommodate multiple users


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