Reproduce Content with Confidence through Efficient Rights and Permissions Management

A comprehensive cloud-based system aimed at streamlining the management of permissions and rights for images, photos, and text

Efficient Photo Research and Text Permissions Management
The absence of an effective rights and permissions management system can pose a significant challenge for publishers. Managing and tracking usage rights across various forms of content can be tedious, with even minor errors potentially leading to copyright infringement and legal consequences. Additionally, the lack of a centralized system can create a significant administrative burden, leading to inefficiencies and higher costs for publishers.
iRights is a cloud-based system designed to simplify the management of text permissions, photo research, and media rights acquisition workflows for publishers. With iRights, publishers can work with their in-house staff or seamlessly collaborate with external vendors to manage asset rights and permissions. This all-encompassing and user-friendly platform eliminates the need for manual tracking using multiple spreadsheets and provides a convenient and efficient way for publishers to manage their workflows.

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    Key Features

    Product Highlights


    Titles Managed


    Concurrent Users


    Assets Processed

    Key Benefits

    Ensure Legal Compliance and Reproduce Content Confidently with Integra’s Rights and Permissions Management System.

    Centralized repository of assets

    Reduced rights litigation risk

    Improved TAT

    Integrating systems with APIs to avoid redundancy

    Optimized spend


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