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Effortless Text Permissions, Streamlined Media Assets Research, and Licensing

Discover the Power of Our Comprehensive Cloud-Based Permission & Rights Management Services 

Simplify & scale rights and permission management for your organization. 

    Digital Rights Management Made Easy: Collaborative Cloud-Based Solution 

    In the fast-paced world of publishing, the absence of an effective rights and permissions management system can be a daunting roadblock. As publishers strive to deliver captivating content, managing and tracking usage rights across various forms of media becomes a tedious task. Manual tracking through spreadsheets poses challenges, and copyright risks loom. iRights is the ultimate solution for hassle-free, cloud-based text permissions management, seamless photo research, and streamlined media rights acquisition workflows. We understand the struggles you face, and we’ve engineered iRights to be the best digital rights management software you need.

    Why iRights? 

    • Boost productivity with real-time risk management and asset repurposing.
    • Streamlined text permissions management without spreadsheets
    • Seamless collaboration with in-house teams and vendors for rights management
    • Comprehensive project view to gain insights across ongoing projects
    • Effortless scheduling and budget management with intuitive tools
    • Integration with preferred image stock vendors for streamlined asset acquisition

    Elevate Your Content: Power-Packed Features at Your Fingertips

    Discover the Game-Changing Advantages

    Ensure Legal Compliance and Reproduce Content Confidently with Integra’s Rights and Permissions Management System.

    Centralized Asset Control

    Risk-Free Compliance

    Time and Cost Savings

    API-based System Integration

    Streamlined Permissions Management

    Effortless Collaboration Experience

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