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Integra’s Project Management Platform

Transforming goals to successes through a streamlined workflow. Hold complete control over your projects. All of the familiar functions from MS Excel, MS Project, MS Access, and MS SharePoint are bundled into a single streamlined platform.

A Project Management Platform custom-built for the publishing industry

iPMP is a simple yet powerful project management platform that amps up and streamlines project management through automated planning with customizable templates, workload monitoring, advanced project scheduling through Gantt charts, and micro-scheduling of projects. Through this platform, project managers can coordinate and control the increasingly complex nature of present-day projects with ease.

A highly scalable system, iPMP offers project managers the confidence to manage numerous projects, plans, tasks, and resources, and deliver projects on time every time.

Improved Productivity

Improved productivity for project managers from project start to finish through a single intuitive system

Better Schedules

Keep better schedules through real-time project updates accessible anytime, anywhere, and through any device

Keep Track

Early alerts on schedule or budget risks through powerful dashboards

Archived Information

Store, view, and retrieve project information, communications, and project-specific documentation, all in one place together

Product Highlights

In-depth insights through powerful dashboards

Workload monitoring and oversight of projects through customizable dashboards and micro-schedules

Automated planning through templates

Pre-built project management workflows that can be customized

Track and fix issues easily

Efficient query resolution management through intuitive tracking and automated alerts

Easy retrieval of asset documentation

Advanced project scheduling through Gantt charts to keep clear track of every detail of a project

Ready to find out more on how iPMP can help you with your content or knowledge transformation needs?

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