Integra exhibits at ATD 2015.

August 16, 2018

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Our digital specialists will showcase how by leveraging digital technologies and instructional strategies, we can help you to design and develop innovative content solutions for improving learning and performance indicators in workplace and academic space.

Integra understands the digital transformation the world is going through and the challenges that enterprises are facing in terms of skills shortage, capability gaps and how training and learning can become the buzz words for sustainable growth.

The services that we will be showcasing are as follows:

  • Custom eLearning for Multi-device
  • Rapid eLearning using Articulate, Lectora, Adobe eLearning, Captivate
  • Simulations and Game Based Learning
  • Mobile Learning App development
  • IWB Development
  • Adaptive Learning
  • LMS Platform Services

Date: May 17-20, 2015
Place:Orlando, FL, US
Booth No.: 528

About ASTD

The ATD 2015 International Conference & Exposition brings the training and development industry to life. It is a premier event for training and development professionals, with more than 10,500 attendees from over 80 countries. Each aspect of the industry is covered for every level of practitioner, from CEO to specialist, from dean to student. To know more:

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