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    Optimize Language Quality with AI-Based Language Assessment

    For publishers, the process of screening manuscripts can be incredibly time-consuming and labor-intensive. The critical step of assessing the language quality in manuscripts often leads to slowdowns in editorial workflows for journal publishers. iNLP, is a cutting-edge AI-based language assessment tool and manuscript editing software that bestows authors and editorial staff in academic publishing with much-needed superpowers. This AI-based language assessment tool revolutionizes the language quality assessment process, providing guidance for context-based corrections. As a comprehensive language assessment platform, iNLP, drastically reduces response time, – a process that once spanned months now takes mere minutes. iNLP is more than a tool; it’s an ally in your editorial journey, redefining the standards of automated language assessment.

    Unveiling Key Features of Our Advanced Language Assessment Platform

    Empowering Your Manuscript Assessment – Discover the Key Benefits

    Accelerate Language Quality and Editorial Workflows with iNLP’s Guided Editing Assessments.

    Accelerated time-to-market

    100% increase in editorial productivity

    30% improvement in production TAT

    Seamless integration with manuscript submission platforms

    Up to 40% cost savings in copyediting

    On-demand scalability to handle large volumes of manuscripts


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