Unleash the power of AI. Streamline editorial workflows and accelerate time-to-publishing by 10x

Expedite peer-reviews and improve publisher acceptance by 30% with the help of intelligent language assessment tool

Build the publishing workflow of the future
Shrinking budgets, exponentially growing volume of content, and non-scalable production workflows, create several roadblocks to modern publishers, impacting both cycle time and quality of content delivery. Some of the key challenges faced by publishers include:
  • Deceleration in editorial workflows
  • Time-consuming and labor intensive desk review process
  • Manuscript rejection due to poor language quality
  • Withdrawal of impactful articles due to late identification of issues
Integra’s iMLA – an AI powered document analyzer – helps publishers streamline the publication process for academic and scholarly content with cutting-edge features such as automated power editing and manuscript assessment and evaluation. The online platform seamlessly integrates with the publisher’s submission platform to improve productivity and ensure speedy publication of high quality content.

Looking to ramp-up your content review process with an intelligent language assessment tool?

Our customized demo shows you how you can address your unique workflow requirements and effectively tackle challenges.

    Key Features

    Product Highlights


    Author submissions screened daily


    Improvement in publisher acceptance rates


    Cost saving in downstream copyediting

    Key Benefits

    Tap into the power of automated content assessment tailored to academic and scholarly content review.

    Accelerated Time-to-publishing 60-90 days to just few minutes.

    Increased Savings up to 20x manual effort.

    Increased Acceptance Rate due to accurate error detection and rectification.

    Consistent Quality Check in-depth analysis of language and reporting.

    Intelligent & Autonomous with round the clock support.


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