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Integra’s Freelance Talent Management System

No more complex onboarding and spreadsheets for managing your on-demand and freelance workforce. Simplify onboarding, contract management, and payments. All in a single system.

Driving efficiency through streamlined freelance operations management

iLancer is an agile platform that provides businesses with the tools to hire, manage and pay their freelance workforce.

The platform allows managers to evaluate freelancers’ skill levels according to customizable criteria and post projects for bidding while also providing invoicing functionality which makes it easy for both parties involved in a project – hiring companies and independent workers alike – to track progress throughout a contract’s lifecycle.

iLancer can also be integrated into third-party applications, allowing teams across different departments to work on similar tasks at any given time without overlapping deadlines by assigning jobs based on each worker’s skillset.

iLancer uses an RPA framework to identify and allocate available freelance talent based on specific metrics. This leads to faster project cycle time and improved productivity for the entire process since they can reduce manual labor by having intelligent machines do most of it!

Increased Productivity

Streamlined work engagement process for companies and freelancers

Quick Turnaround

Reduced time for on-boarding, assigning work, monitoring progress, and invoicing

Easy Oversight

Project control through simple, powerful & intuitive dashboards

Cost Effective

Reduced operational cost through reduced administrative workload for all stakeholders involved

Improved Engagement

Fosters a positive relationship through simplified processes

Improved Collab

Improved cross-team collaboration through visibility of freelance talent across the organization

Product Highlights

Simple and intuitive dashboards

Easy oversight for the manager to control and track the progress of multiple freelancers engaged across projects.

Simplified engagement process

On-boarding and contract management within a single platform

Compliance made easy

Invoice tracking, approvals, and closure within the system; no hassles of working with multiple software applications

Quality record

Managers can rate a freelancer’s performance for future reference and engagement

Fosters cross-company collaboration

Provides visibility across an organization of available freelance talent pool , showing skill, performance, and availability

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