Future proofing how content renders

HTML5 for cross-platform device-agnostic content experience

Delivering a rich and lightweight mobile-first content expereince

Educational courseware use multimedia content in the form of interactivities, animations, and other media. HTML5 has become the global standard that delivers seamless content rendering on all devices to ensure creating a superior content experience for the learners. In the learning context today, we see a situation where the user-to-device ratio is almost 1:1. And, devices of all shapes and sizes, in addition to the varied operating systems they use.

 We help education content services and L&D organizations, of all sizes, create appealing learning content that improves engagement.

HTML5 Content Development
  • Custom course development – course design conception to storyboarding
  • and HTML5 development
  • Developing learning objects with complex layouts
  • Develop interactive learning widgets in authoring platforms of choice
  • Interactive eBook or app development for education, marketing assets
Flash to HTML5 Conversion
  • Convert legacy assets, without losing the instructional value or functionality
  • Re-develop heavy multimedia assets for a rich mobile-first content experience
  • Convert complex layouts.

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