Managing complexities of a disrupted world and business continuity 

Across industries, Covid-19 had brought to fore the vulnerabilities of businesses which were slow to embrace digital transformation. The world also saw business that were digital-first in their business models thrive and were the lifeline on which the word survived.  

More than anything legacy software systems pose challenges for businesses with their inability to scale as businesses grow and in an event of a sudden disruption. Business and IT (Information Technology) leaders in their respective organizations today realize the importance of constantly modernizing technology infrastructure not only in terms of growth readiness but as a critical part of business continuity across the value chain.

Application Customization, Modernization and Transformation

We help businesses transform their legacy applications into agile, efficient and scalable systems, putting together a combination of solution architecture and enabling technologies.

Application Assessment

Analyze and understand legacy systems, identifying opportunities and rationalize inputs faciliating investment decisions on transformation to newer technologies

Process Mining

mining current business requirements and future scaling opportunities, to create detailed guidance on directions that deliver max value on investments

Application Remediation

remediating legacy systems for a wide range of transformation scopes including, but not limited to, UI modernization, web and mobile enablementDevOps, CI/CD enablement, system performance etc. 

Re-platforming and Migration

replacing retiring languages and / or aging technologies with scalable frameworks and efficient technologies that are ready for future expansions 

Digital transformation solutions for businesses across multiple domains:

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