Achieving learner self-efficacy through immersive learning experiences

Distraction-less learning environments

Most existing training methodologies for high stakes training have struggled to address the ‘learning immersion’ factor that is needed to provide the much needed ‘distraction-less’ learning environment. A learning space where the learner takes complete control of his / her learning outcome.

Immersive technologies of today, not only appeals to the engagement quotient, but fosters a culture of learning readiness and a willingness to learn through one’s own failure, effectively cutting down the time to competency of critical skills.

Augmented Reality

Learning through virtual overlay of content through both mobile and wearable devices

Virtual Reality

Learning applications in a true virtual learning environment including integration with haptic devices

Mixed Reality

Best of the both worlds – learning while interacting in real time with both the virtual and real wold objects

360-degree Videos

Familiarizing a physical location through an interactive and engaging video experience

A VR solution to improve learning outcomes on operating room skills

A leading healthcare institution that specializes in eye care surgery wanted to improve time-to-competency for its trainee surgeons on small-incision cataract surgery (SICS).

Expertise on technology enablers



Cry Engine


Unity 3D

Amazon Sumerian

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine








Head-mounted device specific

content development experience

MS HoloLens

Samsung Gear VR

Occulus Rift & Go

PlayStation VR

HTC Vive

Google Daydream & Cardboard VR

In addition to immersive learning solutions we offer a wide range of digital learning solutions:

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