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Custom eLearning Development

Engage your modern-day workforce with interactive eLearning courses enriched with custom content

Unlock higher employee potential with learner-centric eLearning solutions that solves your organization’s unique business needs.

Achieve workforce excellence through custom eLearning
Staying relevant to the learner’s journey is a key L&D challenge organizations face, while tailoring new learning solutions for their workforce – we help L&D teams solve that challenge!
At Integra, we follow a learner-centric design and development methodology that caters to the business needs unique to your organization. Our methodology focuses on measurable learning outcomes through engaging learning experiences – to exhibit behavioral change, improve productivity, and seamlessly transition into new processes among many others.

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    What we do

    We partner with organizations at any stage of training maturity, providing custom training content that maximizes ROI on your L&D investments. To engage learners of different skill sets and styles, we offer a range of eLearning solutions that supports your organization’s L&D objectives.

    AR / VR Simulations

    Provides immersive experience by creating a virtual environment for learning

    Branching Scenarios

    Provides exploratory learning by trial-and-error method

    Scenario Based Learning

    Provides better retention of the content by relating the content to the learner’s day-to-day activities using scenarios

    Computer-Based Simulations

    Provides hands-on practice for various complex processes

    Video-Based Learning

    Helps learners to quickly understand and follow concepts and activities

    Game-Based Learning

    Integrates basic features of games to engage the learner thereby enhancing the learning experience

    Story-Based Learning

    Engages the learner by adopting a story-telling approach for presenting complex concepts

    Designed to engage all learning styles

    Our technology-led eLearning solution focuses on content and the instructional strategy that delivers the best learning outcome for our customers. Some of the key value-adds that helps us stand out from other players in the market.

    Distributed assessments

    Contextual instructional strategies

    Deep analysis on learner’s needs

    Content suitable for multi-modal delivery

    Suitable for varied learning styles

    Immersion through game mechanics and simulations

    Case Studies

    A video-based eLearning course designed for nursing

    Our client is a training provider in the caregiving industry who relied heavily on in-person training interventions as the primary mode of delivery.

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    eLearning courses for healthcare personnel and aspirants to improve.

    Integra’s Instructional Designers came up with storyboards for the course with a real-life scenario and the logic for the gamification.

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    A video-based eLearning course designed for nursing

    Our client is a training provider in the caregiving industry who relied heavily on in-person training interventions as the primary mode of delivery.

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    How does custom eLearning add value to your business?
    A highly skilled workforce is a competitive advantage to any organization. Today, organizations have to deal with more complex workforce, new skill gaps, and increased training needs. People are leaving their jobs at a higher rate than ever before. A McKinsey research reports that more than 65% of the workforce move to a different industry creating an added challenge to organizations.
    In order to address these challenges, organizations and L&D teams should invest in making their training initiatives tech-enabled, agile, flexible and scalable in order to easily maneuver current challenges, and be ready for future disruptions.

    Accomplish optimal performance through custom eLearning

    Custom developed courses bring together a combination of instructional strategies and technology that’s best suited for your specific business. Custom eLearning also helps in consistently achieving predictable ROI on L&D investments such as, reduced time-to-competency, high productivity, improved quality, compliance and high employee engagement.

    Learning challenges custom eLearning can solve

    • Shorten on-boarding time and help new recruits to learn about your company culture, business process, policies and more, in a fun and engaging way.
    • Just-in-time performance support for your workforce through interactive learning experiences on critical business processes / new processes.
    • Implement learning in the flow of work strategies for a globally distributed workforce and reduce time-to-competency of new staff / transitioning to new processes.
    • Making L&D programs more agile and cost-effective by transforming instructor-led training programs to self-paced eLearning courseware, or adopt a hybrid content delivery model.
    • High impact regulatory or compliance training through immersive content strategies that delivers measurable business outcomes – reducing business risks and cost overruns.
    Technology Platforms

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