Bite-sized learning for just-in-time training interventions

Microlearning refers to brief, focused learning units that are often three to five minutes or shorter durations, intended to achieve results on training topics focused on soft skills and compliance.

Microlearning strategy often finds a broader use in informal training due to its appeal of short, media-rich content experience and better learning retention. However, in recent times, organizations are finding innovative use cases in remote learning scenarios for delivering hard skills training. In a formal training context, microlearning strategies are part of a whole where multiple other learning strategies are combined to provide training.

The current pandemic situation caused by COVID has made microlearning strategies mainstream and most suited for remote training interventions and performance support channels.

Intelligent, Efficient, & Impactful

This learner-centric instructional approach consists of small bite-sized pieces of information, typically designed and delivered both in static and rich media formats. This format is best suited for providing just-in-time training on multiple devices ranging from tablets and smartphones to desktops and laptops. All these aspects make it easy for the learners to access, learn, and apply the learning on their job and acquire the knowledge/skill in the shortest duration possible.

Integra’s learning solutions team has many years of experience creating innovative and impactful microlearning modules across many delivery formats.

Interactive videos


Explainer videos


360-degree videos

Flash cards


Audio Books

Interactive infographics


Rich media PDFs


Simple, engaging, & scalable learning nuggets

Simplifying a complex policy training on workplace harassment that fosters increased awareness and knowledge retention.

In addition to microlearning solutions we offer a wide range of digital learning solutions:

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