Dawn after the apocalypse: What’s next in eLearning?

March 25, 2020

By definition “apocalypse” means the end, confusion, and destitution. It’s a genre of entertainment that enthralls us because its characters are challenged to survive in near impossible terms without the usual comforts. And by extension we watch and ask ourselves, how would I behave? What would I do in dire circumstances?

Now COVID-19 is here and we’re responding apocalyptically. In response, we’re mandated to isolate ourselves to stay safe and healthy and keep the virus from spreading. We’re isolated. We’re working from home and managing our families. We can work this way but how do we learn and train and develop our skills? We go to the internet.

We go to the internet. We search, we login and we learn. With this apocalypse comes a dawning—for eLearning now. It’s been around since the early Aught’s but now, it’s mandated to keep us moving forward in the workforce and economy.

So, now is the time to ask ourselves, what workforce training, learning and development can be for your organization? In the past, it was training manuals, or classroom lessons on specific libelous laws. Currently, it’s your content translated into “active” content of video and audio lessons—nuggets, if you will of eLearning—in an LMS that allows training to be accessed, tracked and scored.

But, now, all things considering, is that all it’s going to be or can be? We’re watching the events unfold and supporting our stakeholders with resources to help them manage through this period whether is video conferencing, team building tools or project managing. Keep the teams connected and on track.

However, let’s see this as a moment for change and ask yourself is this what our efforts in learning and development is and can be? Is it effective? Engaging? Challenging? And . . . fun? Can it build internal brand-loyalty? Customer brand loyalty? Encourage constructive critical thinking?

Can it be more? Today, we have access to the largest variety of technology tools and methods: AI, VR/AR, gamification, video and holograms. All tools to build and create what the newer landscape of learning and development can be for enterprises across all verticals:

  • How about considering gamification of training that encourages collaboration?
  • How about investing in VR /AR in training that prepares workers’ expectations and provides theoretical comprehension?
  • How about world-building simulations that motivate stakeholders to create and resolve customer challenges?

With every apocalypse comes a new dawn. What do you want to wake up to in corporate learning, training and development? Let’s ideate. Let’s collaborate to build our new eLearning infrastructure so our companies can foster growth through employee retention and engagement.

Let’s wake up to a new morning in Corporate learning, training and development.

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