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Manage media rights, text permissions, and licensing with ease

Rights & Permissions Management Expertise

Finding early in the content development stage of all content types – be it text, illustration, photographs, videos – that requires obtaining license to use is essential for a project. 

Integra follows a well-defined process of permissions management practice to ensure every aspect of permission acquisition is completed well ahead of product launches. 

Our robust workflow has an early alert system to sound an alarm to the editors on difficulties like, unresponsive copyright holders, permission request rejections etc., thereby allowing the media publishers take prompt decisions to change the content. 

education content developers

online curriculum providers

advertising and media production

  • Text assessment/ survey
  • Text scrub
  • Plagiarism check
  • Text permission Acquisition
  • Rights management
  • Text rights entry in customer specified RMS
  • Manuscript permission assessment
  • Image scrub
  • Research for royalty-free, cost-effective and creative images
  • Image permission acquisition
  • Image management
  • Asset listing and metadata entry
  • Ad research
  • Photo rights entry in customer specified RMS
Rich Media
  • Audio research
  • Video research
  • Rich media permission acquisition
  • Rich media management

R&P Services

Expertise with text permissions, photo research and licensing, image sourcing, stock agencies, royalty-free asset sources, and clearance procedures for both print and digital content.

We help our customer partners manage copyright compliance and also help them with:

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