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If content is the bread that fills the need for knowledge or entertainment, then design is the secret sauce that creates a rounded experience to an audience. A design process endeavors to provide a “unified whole” of both content and context in an immersive environment. The design is just not about aesthetics. It plays a vital functional role in connecting with a user, engaging them, and delivering the message in an impactful way. 

All these holds true in book publishing, as not only do the thousands of books vie for a consumer’s attention, but also a well-represented content is of huge value to both readers and publishers. Specifically, in education publishing – ELT, PreK-12, and Higher Ed – design plays a critical role in creatively delivering knowledge to a learner in an engaging environment within the pages of the book. 

Design Management

Product Analysis

Evaluate market, user, editorial goals; prepare recommendations for the entire design process including financials

Design Process Management

Complete project management of the process from recruiting and onboarding designers to managing delivery

Art Development

Develop and manage art development process including art style sheets

Page Reviews

Evaluate, advise, and direct the aesthetic quality of layouts

Production Problem Solving

Evaluate, advise, and direct design solutions as product requires

Design Prototype Development

Assess, interpret product goals, collaborate with development, manage revisions

Book Design

Integrate and combine ideas as per market feedback on prototypes

Sample Pages and Templates

Final design representation and templates, with complete style sheet information

Master Graphic Design Development and Program Branding

Develop and create assets and/or program-level design elements

Full Creative Collaboration

Initiate, lead, facilitate, and direct communication and planning events

Cover Design Development and Execution

Research, evaluate editorial goals, create cover concepts and deliver cover comprehensives

Design Services

Apart from design services we also support our customers with:

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