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End-to-end content development solutions for learning needs across domains

Elevate student learning engagement and outcomes with impactful content development for both print and digital learning resources.

Effective learning through high-quality content
Content development requires an enormous commitment to research, writing, reviews, revisions, and sourcing assets and rights. A learning product’s success depends on the measurable outcomes it can deliver to the learners and the competitive edge it offers the learning resources/services provider.
Integra is a go-to partner for educational content and digital learning resource development for organizations, across a wide range of the learning continuum – from education publishers, EdTech organizations and further education/Corporate L&D providers.

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    What we do

    At Integra, we meet varied content development requirements through our in-house content development and project management teams in the UK, USA and India. Our experienced in-house content teams, alongside an extensive network of independent contractors of SMEs, editors, instructional designers, writers, media developers, and project managers, have been developing content solutions for some of the world’s leading learning services organizations for more than 20 years now.

    PREK12 / School

    We offer strong delivery capabilities across print and digital products for Pre-primary, Primary, Secondary, Upper Secondary and Vocational.

    Higher Education

    Our content capabilities in Higher-Ed spread across Humanities & Social Sciences, Professional Careers, Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine.


    With a dedicated Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Digital Solutions, we provide a wide range of content solutions ranging from simple interactivities to complex AR / VR / MR solutions.

    Corporate L&D Further Education

    From Custom eLearning Course Development to Complex High-stakes AR / VR / MR Solutions, our team of subject matter experts and technologists create successful learning experiences with measurable business outcomes.

    English Language Teaching & Learning

    Our vast pool of ELT specialists, writers, and editors specialize in Digital Product Development and Versions & Adaptations.

    Why Integra?

    The Integra Advantage – Our Capabilities & Strengths

    Extensive network of SMEs, writers, editors, designers, and instructional designers

    Proven capabilities in handling content across multiple disciplines, across domains

    Strong in-house team of Onshore (UK, US) and Offshore project management capabilities

    Dedicated content services delivery unit in India for Print & Digital production

    Centre of Excellence for online learning resource development

    Flexible delivery models (Onshore, Offshore and Hybrid), for Print & Digital media

    Maximizing learning outcomes through high-quality content
    Content development is a crucial aspect of any educational product, as it lays the foundation for the student’s learning outcome. The quality of the content has a direct impact on the effectiveness of the product in facilitating knowledge acquisition and skill development. Without high-quality content, a learning product is unlikely to engage and educate students effectively. Ensuring good content can enrich the learning experience and also produce the desired outcome for educators.
    Today, content has to be optimized and structured for different learning formats. While print products have been a staple in education for many years, the rise of digital media and technology has changed the way content is delivered. Online learning platforms and digital resources are becoming increasingly popular, offering greater flexibility and engagement for students. The use of interactive multimedia, simulations, multiplayer learning games, personalization, and instant feedback loops enhance the learning experience.
    While print and digital learning resources each have their own strengths and weaknesses, the most effective approach is often a balance between the two. To maximize learning outcomes, and to deliver impactful learning in both print and digital formats, high-quality content plays a vital role.
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