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Drive Digital Transformation With Cloud Supremacy

  • Boost efficiency by 60%
  • Automate tasks by 40%
  • 10x faster time to market

Amplify operational performance, eliminate latency, reinforce security, improve infrastructure efficiency, and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) with Integra’s end-to-end cloud transformation services. 

Our comprehensive enterprise cloud solutions assure security, scalability, and business continuity by enhancing application performance and enterprise infrastructure. Integra empowers businesses to increase cloud ROI (Return on Investment) through pay-per-use models to provide seamless user experience and on-demand availability.

Tackling your Toughest Challenges

  • Performance issues due to resource-hungry legacy systems
  • Interoperability and flexibility to move to a cloud environment
  • Reliability and availability caused by vendor lockdown
  • Assuring compliance due to outdated system protocols
  • Data and security risks with unsupported legacy architecture
  • Security loopholes and vulnerabilities in the infrastructure
  • Increasing maintenance overhead of legacy environment
  • Time-consuming manual operations
  • Integra's enterprise cloud solutions utilize cloud hyperscalers to create collaborative, interactive, and transparent business architecture ready to tackle technology challenges.

What We Do

Integra delivers business-focused cloud infrastructure services spanning private, public, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments that bolster advanced cloud computing and engineering. Our cloud advisors assess legacy architecture, review cloud readiness, and create a transformational roadmap. We migrate data centers, applications, and infrastructure to microservices and container-based environments to support agile DevOps. Our zero-trust cloud security and 24/7 managed support help businesses accelerate technology adoption. Optimize cloud performance and operations using cloud AI/ML and custom cloud products.


Leverage our cloud transformation services to advance towards robust, end-to-end, multi-tier cloud platforms.


Our cloud infrastructure services, including SaaS, PaaS, and microservices-based environments, create a server less architecture for data management and operation optimization.


Modernize business processes and increase ROI on technology investment with our cloud migration services to retire monolithic legacy architecture and migrate data, applications, and operations to the cloud.


Mitigate IT and cloud security risks using centralized access management, secure services, and data protection protocols creating a zero-trust cloud platform with our cloud security solutions.

Our Technology Portfolio

Product Development & Modernization

Improve business agility to create feature-rich products, offering enhanced user experiences.

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AI/ML Solutions

Optimize operations, reduce costs, and drive revenue growth with AI solutions.

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Learning Products

Accelerate growth and drive performance with personalized learning experiences.

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Why Integra?

99.9% availability

of cloud systems

100% output


40% reduction

in manual work

Dynamic scaling

for future-ready business

10x increase

in execution speed

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