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Automate Language Assessment.
Maximize Manuscript Acceptance

Manuscript Submission (Author)

Language and Technical Analysis

Pre-Submission Edits

Intensive Digital Edit

Editorial Screening (Publisher)


Collaborative Peer Review (Publisher)


Automate Preflight Checks & Standardize Quality

Leverage our advanced manuscript technical assessment platform to minimize desk rejections by receiving immediate, comprehensive suggestions that refine your academic writing. With its contextual understanding, the algorithm adeptly identifies intricate errors and provides tailored enhancements, streamlining the creation of top-tier academic manuscripts in mere minutes.

  • 24 x 7 x 365


  • 20x

    Save up to manual effort

  • 40%

    Cost savings in copyediting downstream

  • 60%

    Improvement in publication speed

  • 100%

    Increase in editorial productivity

  • 30%

    Improvement in production TAT

AuthorPilot™ - Taking Academic Writing
Quality to the Next Level

The Complete Manuscript Checker

The cutting-edge, intuitive AuthorPilot™ is a complete preflight manuscript platform for publishers and authors to ensure the highest language quality in the first go. Designed specifically to ease scholarly writing and publishing, this digital editing platform conducts extensive checks to identify grammatical and contextual errors and provide appropriate recommendations for change. This ensures consistent language quality across all articles.

The Complete Manuscript Checker

Intensive Al-Based Editorial Desk Assessment

Intensive Al-Based Editorial Desk Assessment With detailed, instant quality and technical reports, AuthorPilot™ eliminates the need for manual editorial intervention. This helps cut down people dependence while accelerating the preflight stage. Modular and configurable, this language, completeness check and technical assessment platform for manuscripts eases multi-platform integration and seamless scaling with your publishing needs.

Intensive Al-Based Editorial Desk Assessment

Unlimited Checks for Complete Satisfaction

The Al-based editorial desk and technical assessment platform ensures error-free manuscripts through multiple checks:

Language assessment score
Grammar inconsistency
Manuscript body
Completeness of citations
Ethical compliance
Spelling inconsistency
Inclusive language check
Reference, tables and figures check

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