10 Signs You Need a Freelancer Management System for your Business

September 4, 2019

In a business world that is by and large becoming global in character and form, remote working seems to have picked up quite some steam, and with good reason. With freelancing on the rise, organizations today are keen on getting cross-functional teams to work on contract-based projects to tap the potential of specific talents and skill sets optimally.

However, considering the haphazard nature of freelancing, it’s crucial for organizations to systematize the onboarding, collaboration, and payment systems. By implementing a comprehensive freelancer management system, one can get a lot of tasks on track and streamline complex processes efficiently.

So what are the pain points that point to the likelihood or the need for a system that tracks projects and payments, and keeps a record of the freelancer talent pool? Here are 10 tell-tale signs that scream you would do yourself some good by employing freelancer management tools in your business.

  1. You’re too tied up with handling paperwork

Making notes to keep track of the progress of work is often a good practice in this digital age. However, when all your processes are lost in paper and threaded emails, it becomes quite an uphill task to keep track of who is doing what and what stage each project is in. When you find this statement instantly resonating with you or if you’re guilty as charged, it is time to upgrade to a more seamless scheduling system wherein you can take stock of your upcoming tasks, schedules, and projects – all from one location through a robust freelancer management portal.

  1. You’re missing more deadlines than ever

Some of the freelancers you hire may be great with the quality of work; yet they may not be the ones who fall under the “well-organized” lot. Unlike full-time employees, independent professionals often have two or three projects on the go at once. In such a scenario, it is easy to miss a deadline or two. Not so heartening, is it? So get that freelancer management system in place and you’ll be back on track with keeping deadlines.

  1. You’ve got more tasks than hours

You find your to-do list increasing by the hour because you are unable to bring all of them together in one place and streamline tasks into organized units. And before you realize it, it’s EOD! So, what are you waiting for? Get that tool into your kitty.

  1. Your communication methods date back to the Stone Age

You are still probably relying on a patchwork system of emails, text messages, and phone calls to share and receive information with your freelancers. When you add the fact that your people may be spread across a wide variety of time zones, it means that communicating efficiently is probably one of your biggest headaches.

  1. You cut a sorry figure while giving your client an update

When your client requests you for a status update, you may be caught off-guard. So you makeup dates and timelines on the go and find yourself way behind targets and end up cutting a sorry figure with your most trusted clients. What’s the result of this lacklustre approach? A poor reputation! So save yourself potential embarrassment by turning to freelancer management tools.

  1. Your payments are out of whack and way off track

If your invoices for freelancers are obsolete and find no relevance in today’s collaborative environments, it is difficult for you to sustain as a business owner. How do you handle this problem? Well, you might adopt a freelancer management tool with a customizable invoice app that allows you to automatically send invoices to your group of collaborators and make instant payments.

  1. You lose your most trusted collaborators due to inefficient management

A collaborative environment that’s replete with useful tools is essential for steadfast growth and sustenance. If you, as a business owner, are unable to handle a group of people coming together on a task, it speaks volumes about your capabilities as a competent businessman. It is, therefore, vital that you’re constantly on the lookout to upgrade the processes in your business to better manage projects and tasks, keep track of client information, send customizable invoices, and do much more. Opt for a system that addresses every facet of your freelance work.

  1. You find yourself losing track of time

More often than not, if you’re caught juggling too many tasks, it’s easy to lose sight of time as well as focus. To tackle this, a freelancer management tool is sure to prove handy.

  1. You’re a poor collaborator

No man is an island. In today’s dynamic and competitive market, it is essential to stay relevant in terms of adopting a collaborative approach to work. If you’re lagging in this aspect, you may tend to lose potentially successful contributors who are looking to work with nurturing businesses.

  1. You are too involved with micromanaging

Killing the very premise of freelancing – autonomy– you may find yourself embroiled in the dreaded art of micromanaging. To save yourself that tag, adopt a freelance management tool and witness the power of flexibility and seamlessness!

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